Banish the discomfort of piles with one of the trusted Ayurvedic medicine companies in India

Piles care made easy by Ayurvedic medicine companies

Understanding the severity of the symptoms associated with piles, the top Ayurvedic medicine companies are competing to produce the best cure for piles or hemorrhoids. 

The intensity of pain and other symptoms related to piles are intolerable for most of us. The swollen and bleeding blood vessels may steal peace from your everyday life. Itching in the anus, pain, and bleeding come along with this condition.

For some people, piles can be a short-term condition, especially in cases like pregnancy and post-delivery. But for many others, piles can be a continuous threat. Moreover, the possibility of developing piles is greater for older individuals.

Thus, if you are experiencing the symptoms of piles or are in the initial stage, it is all the more important to know what type of piles you have and how to heal them effectively. 

Through this blog, you will get a deeper understanding of piles and the best ways adopted by herbal medicine companies to treat this disease naturally and effectively.

What Causes Piles: A Take by Ayurvedic medicine companies 

Ayurvedic medicine companies study diseases by the root cause of the disease. So let us have a look at the causes leading to hemorrhoids, according to Ayurveda.

Too much strain during bowel movements

If you feel too much pressure in the rectum and anal region during bowel movements, it may lead to pain and bleeding while passing stools, which is considered an initial stage of hemorrhoids.

Severe constipation

Constipation is considered one of the root causes of this disease because if you have severe constipation, you are more likely to have bleeding in the anal area, which slowly leads to swollen blood vessels-a major symptom.

Being overweight or obese

Being overweight or obese has many other complications, including indigestion, constipation, and hemorrhoids. 

Long sitting hours

It is said that ‘sitting is the new smoking’. Among the numerous side effects of sitting, piles are also included. Long hours of inactivity will adversely affect your digestion, which may lead to constipation and, thereby, be a major cause of this disease.

Pregnancy and post-pregnancy

Due to the sudden weight gain, you may feel pressure on your pelvic area, which may lead to hemorrhoids. The iron tablets consumed during pregnancy and post-pregnancy are also a sufficient reason for constipation, leading to this disease.

Following a low-fiber diet

If you are fond of non-vegetarian food and don’t include enough veggies and fruits in your daily diet, then you are prone to the threat of developing hemorrhoids.

 Key must-dos to prevent the development of piles

Check out these helpful tips to prevent the formation of  piles 

Exercise regularly

Exercise is significant for preventing constipation because it promotes blood circulation, and reduces pressure on the veins in the rectum area. They are best practiced through activities like walking, jogging, and exercises like yoga, which are also beneficial.

Stay hydrated

Pregnancy, being overweight, or having a chronic condition like constipation that contributes to the pressure on the hemorrhoidal cushions can be tackled by drinking a lot of water, which relieves the pressure in the digestive system. Drink plenty of water to avoid constipation and hard fecal matter, which increases pressure on the veins and causes the formation of piles.

Avoid prolonged sitting

Sitting for a long time in a chair or on other hard surfaces causes pressure on the rectal veins, leading to piles. Make sure that you get a break from the seat and have a chance to stand, stretch, or walk around. Carrying an extra cushion, at times will provide the necessary support and comfort.

Maintain a high-fiber diet

Consumption of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains contributes to the production of soft and well-formed stools. There is evidence that fiber softens poorly formed stools by enhancing fecal bulk. This enhances comfort during defecation, minimizing the contraction of piles since one will not strain in the process. 

Reduce excess body weight

This is another factor that inhibits the normal functioning of the digestive system, and an unhealthy body weight should be avoided at all costs.

Obesity raises pressure at the pelvic veins, notably for those with heavy abdominal weight, causing piles. Finally, a balanced diet and systematic physical training are certainly necessary to avoid obesity and other complications. 

Avoid spicy foods

Spicy foods must be restricted because they tend to aggravate piles.  Moderation is key. Choose your foods accordingly, and make a point of having foods that are less hot, such as yogurt and salads, for proper digestion.

Practice good hygiene

Hygiene is important because the rectal area is tender, and any friction, inflammation, or infection in this area can aggravate piles or cause them in the first place. When wiping oneself sensibly, it is recommended to use plain and non-scented wipes, or simply water to wipe the area after defecation. Do not use abrasive toilet paper or chemicals, such as soaps and detergents, on the affected area; and it must be adequately rinsed.

How can Ayurvedic medicine companies help in treating piles and fistulas?

As mentioned earlier, traditional herbal medicine companies compete to provide the best Ayurvedic cure for hemorrhoids and fistulas. They have formulated several medicines for the proper management of the causes leading to hemorrhoids.

The demand for traditional herbal medicines for piles is on the rise in Indian markets, and as a result, numerous third-party Ayurvedic manufacturing companies have come up with Ayurvedic supplements for treating hemorrhoids.

Confused about choosing the right Ayurvedic medicine company?

When choosing an herbal medicine manufacturing company, several qualities distinguish the best ones:


To find the best Ayurvedic medicine companies, choosing companies that have been involved in producing such products for many years is recommended. Experience can be related to awareness of formulations, quality control measures, and customer satisfaction.


Make sure the company has proper certifications, like GMP to ensure they are producing quality products. This ensures that the developmental procedures adopted within the production line adhere to high-quality and regulatory measures.

Quality ingredients:

The market leaders in the Ayurvedic industry will always invest in utilizing premier quality herbal products and genuine ingredients. 

Research and innovation:

The market leaders have research and development aspects directed toward the development and enhancement of the formulation. They may consult with Ayurvedic professionals, which will help improve the efficacy and safety of their products.


A popular company is vocal about its sources of production, method of production, and product quality. They give correct data about the components that are utilized during the preparation, and they guarantee that they can follow them.

Customer reviews and feedback:

Customer testimonials and references are persuasive, endorsing the efficiency and credibility of a product. Begin by searching for opinions and reviews regarding the company’s offerings and the service provided to customers.
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To sum up, it is essential to know how to cope with piles (hemorrhoids) if a person has to face this disturbing condition in his or her life. Traditional herbal medicine industries have made many remedies for piles with concentrated solutions for the causes of piles, such as over-straining while passing stool, chronic constipation, obesity, sitting for long hours, pregnancy, and a low-fiber diet.

Even if you are already at risk, you can greatly lower your chances of developing piles through the following measures: exercising, staying hydrated, avoiding long sessions of sitting, taking high-fiber foods, and practicing good hygiene practices.

Among these companies, Brutec Pharma Private Limited, which manufactures traditional herbal medications, is worth mentioning due to our focus on the quality and effectiveness of our products. Established 26 years ago, Brutec Pharma provides clients with herbal products that can be as effective as modern ones, such as Brupil tablets for proper management of piles. 

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