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100 Years in Ayurvedic Manufacturing

Brutec Pharma has been a name synonymous with high-quality Ayurvedic medicine manufacturing for many generations. Although our brand took shape only over 26 years ago in Kerala, our manufacturing team has been making authentic Ayurvedic formulations for over a 100 years now. Our products include highly potent Ayurvedic formulas adapted from traditional Ayurvedic scriptures like the Charaka Samhita, Sushruta Samhita, and Ashtanga Hridayam and Ashtanga Sangraha.

Today Brutec partners with renowned Ayurvedic brands across India to offer their expertise through third-party medicine manufacturing and licensing. Since all our products carry quality standard certifications like the AYUSH, FSSAI, GMP, and more, they are easily marketable across India and even abroad.

At Brutec, we’re the trusted partner for building your Ayurvedic medicine company.

Most Competitive Production Cost

Product Range Based on Demand Analysis

End-to-end Production and Logistics Support

Extensive R&D and Expertise in Ayurveda

Choose the Product Type that Suits Your Market

We offer our partners manufacturing solutions in a wide range of consumable forms that best meets their market preferences. Choose from our below form of Ayurvedic medicines to build your brand.

Get Started With Our Partnership Process

Partnership Enquiry

Our process starts when you send us an email or message expressing your interest in becoming our partner.

Scope Discussion

One of our team members will reach out to you to understand your requirements better, along with your formulations and dosage requirements.

One-time Registration

Post a successful discussion, we’ll send a partner onboarding form to collect your business details so that we can help you complete the paperwork and get started with the partnership.

Packaging and Branding

We’ll then move on to discuss the packaging details and how you want to brand your product. You can avail of the services of our in-house team to better understand your brand positioning.

Formulation & Costing

Once packaging details are finalized we’ll need to finalize the product composition and costing. At the end of this stage, you can send a purchase order as a confirmation of our agreement.

QA & Certification

Before starting the production, we’ll need to get your ingredient certification. All raw materials need to be purchased from certified vendors with Quality Assurance approvals.

Sample Testing

Once the first batch of the product is developed it is sent for sample testing. During this phase, your product will be evaluated for everything from product ingredient quality to packing material standards.


Once your product gets approved by the QA team, it is then ready to be dispatched to your marketing location.


  • All product formulations are done by the team in compliance with FSSAI and AYUSH norms.
  • Compliance documentation like the BPR, BMR, and CoA with complete analysis is done for every batch.
  • The required kind of packaging (Blister, Strip, ALU, Bottle, etc..) is done after the product clears all initial QA rounds.

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