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Gulguluthikthaka Gritham


Gulguluthikthaka Gritham softgel capsules is a classical formulation that is primarily used for treating chronic ulcers, fistula and tubular wounds.

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Chronic Ulcers, Fistula, Tubular wounds, Inflammatory degenerative conditions, and skin diseases.


Gugguluthiktha Gritham 600 mg

Key Benefits

  • Useful in treating Vata disorders, Vidhradhi, Gandamala, Kushta, Arbudha, Panduroga, Hridroga, and Jatrurdwa roga.
  • Highly effective against chronic ulcers.
  • Helps relieve pain and treat fistula, and tubular wounds.
  • Supports the treatment of inflammatory degenerative conditions, and skin diseases.


As directed by the physician.