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Brunil F


Care For Acute Arthritis

Brunil F is a specialized solution for chronic arthritis that leverages the classical formulations of Punarnavadi and Maharasnadi Ghan. This unique blend is meticulously crafted to provide a therapeutic dose of the highly purified Shallaki, offering fast and effective relief from pain and inflammation in synovial joints.

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Refractory Cases of Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Ankylosing Spondylitis, Chronic Rheumatoid Arthritis etc.


Su.Shallaki (Boswellia Serrata) 600mg (A.B.- 426)
Punarnava Ghan (Boerhaavia Diffusa) 200mg (A.B.- 421)
Maharasnadi Ghan (Generic Medicine) 100mg (A.B.- 590)

Key Benefits

  • Brunil F has a Classical base of Punarnavadi and Maharasnadi Ghan specifically for treating chronic arthritis.
  • Provides therapeutic dose of the most highly purified form of Shallaki.
  • It reaches synovial joints quickly to give fast and effective relief from pain and inflammation.
  • Offers excellent improvement in grip strength, morning stiffness, and speed.


2-1-2 for the first 15 days after food.
2-0-2 for the next 15 days after food.
Maintenance dose as per the directive of the Physician.


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